Resurrection Life


There's a light shining in the darkness
There's a hope standing in the bleakness
There's a love reaching out to all the world
Jesus’ bride, gathered from the nations
Full of faith, holding out the gospel
Living lives carried by the grace of God

This is Your church rising strong

You have sent us to the lost and broken
To tell them of Your kingdom come
To celebrate the rising of Your Son
Fuelled by power that raised our saviour Jesus
We'll show the world that God has come
The resurrection life has now begun

There's a sound breaking through indifference
There's a truth freeing up the anxious
There's a call to demonstrate the power of God
Speaking out, standing up for justice
Showing love, no matter what confronts us
Living lives, walking in the will of God

This is Your church rising strong

Jesus the first to rise again
Restoring all things unto Him
This victory changes everything

Nathan Fellingham, Lou Fellingham and Jos Wintermeyer
© 2011 Phat Music
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